Additionally, the agencies are working together to consolidate

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The dredging is expected to remove approximately 238,000 cubic yards of silt to cap the Bayonne, NJ landfill, with some 15,000 cubic yards of rock to enhance an artificial reef off Shark River Inlet, NJ. An additional 1.3 million cubic yards of clean sediment will be removed and used beneficially to cap the HARS. Additionally, the agencies are working together to consolidate several deepening contracts within the harbor to build a 50 foot channel to accommodate the growing fleet of post Panamax vessels..

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Their car was stopped in the Mall by another vehicle driven into its path.[3]The car was driven by Ian Ball, who was later declared to be mentally ill; Ball jumped out of his vehicle and tried to force the Princess from her car. He shot the royal chauffeur, Alex Callender, and a passing journalist, Brian McConnell, who tried to assist. Inspector Beaton was shot three times, including serious wounds in the chest and abdomen, and a gunshot wound to his hand, sustained when he tried to block Ball weapon with his own body, after his own gun had jammed.

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