And what is not politically savvy is to go in thinking you got

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JH: I have great sympathy for the parents of these teenagers. The reason they are blamed, I believe, is that there really is a tendency for "dysfunctional" kids to come from families with "dysfunctional" parents. What is overlooked here is the genetic connection between the parents and the kids: the fact children inherit many of their characteristics from their biological parents.

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I called the hotel and they said the shuttle was on the way. It arrived a few moments after I got to the pick up spot. Another guest had apparently been waiting 45 minutes. A small portion take "I can walk out the door and meet an ideal lifemate with minimal effort" to mean that simply getting laid is impossible. The same people who shame women for being "promiscuous" also claim the inability to easily get laid. Isn it more likely that they just reject the sex they could be having?.

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