Andrew Hastings, an experienced acting headteacher, has been

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moncler coats for cheap This school in Cambridge was given an 'inadequate' rating by OfstedThe school must become an academy after Ofsted inspectors gave it the lowest rating availableGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA school in Cambridge has been judged inadequate by Ofsted after concerns over its leadership.St Luke's CofE Primary School must become an academy after Ofsted inspectors gave the school the lowest rating available after visiting in early May this year.The inspectors found that, among the many problems at the school in French's Road, its quality of teaching had declined and was no longer good, the attendance of pupils was too low, and that leadership had developed "an excuse culture".The report, which was sent to the school and is not yet publicly available on Ofsted's website, said that the leaders and governors of the school "think it is better than it is"It added that leadership does not give staff "the clarity that they need" which has caused standards to slip.Real Schools Guide 2018 Every secondary school in Cambridgeshire ranked from best to worstInspectors added that a minority of parents, carers and staff were dissatisfied with the school and concerned about its leadership.Dan Woodford, on behalf of the chair of governors, wrote to parents that the report was "very tough reading" and that "every effort" is now being put into tackling the problems the inspectors encountered.Andrew Hastings, an experienced acting headteacher, has been put into post to raise standards.It added that the school does not have an accurate view of the school's strengths and weaknesses.Governors believe the school "is better than it is" and have not ensured the school has equally high expectations of all schools, regardless of their background.The report said that the governing body has not held leaders to account well enough, and been too accepting of what they are told and not provided adequate challenge. It was noted that leaders have been allowed to repeatedly use unlawful exclusion and part time timetables as a means of managing pupils' behaviour.10 schools in Cambridgeshire that haven't had an Ofsted inspection in more than five yearsThe report added that parents' responses to 'Parent View' and inspectors' conversations with parents show a "small but significant degree of parental concern about the school" where only about half of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the school is well led and managed.However, most parents who gave their opinions said they were happy with the school overall and would recommend it to others.Many parents praised the moncler outlet online staff and the important role they played, saying "St Luke's is a warm and friendly school" and "the teachers and teaching assistants are extremely hardworking and caring".Ofsted: Pressure on social workers means Cambridgeshire's vulnerable children may not get enough helpIt was noted that as St Luke's is a multicultural school with a diverse population and more than 20 different languages spoken, pupils get on very well together and "celebrate a range of cultures and ethnicities present in the school."Parents have valued this as a strength of the school. One parent spoke for many by saying: "Parents and children feel part of a lively, diverse and inclusive community." moncler coats for cheap.