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Laurusonis was conferred his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1983 and has been actively taking care of patients since completing his Internal Medicine residency in 1987 in the Garden State of New Jersey. Dr. Laurusonis has been licensed in four states but ultimately chose to permanently relocate to Georgia with his family and begin a private practice.

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Another problem is with the frequencies that must be used in BPL. The frequencies that are optimum for transmitting data, that is, the frequencies that suffer the least interference in such a noisy environment, happen to be the ones that are licensed for both amateur radio and international. You can imagine some of the outcry.

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There was one additional significant player in this cast of characters: The National Enquirer tabloid newspaper, which had a long standing $100,000 prize offered for proof that UFOs were extraterrestrial. The Enquirer advised the Waltons that if they could pass a lie detector test, they might qualify for a large payment. Travis and Duane were not very keen on this idea, so the Enquirer agreed to keep the results secret should they not pass.

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