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In the area of self actualization, tuition reimbursement is increasing in popularity, but so is another, less well known practice: sabbatical. According to Gitman and McDaniel, a practice once reserved for academia is gaining traction in the corporate world. They cite the fact that, "about 75% of office employees feel that work has infiltrated their private lives," and recommend offering sabbaticals at 50% pay to allow employees to pursue personal interests.

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Both photographers and their subjects spend too much time worrying about poses during portrait shoots. Remember, the cover shot of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition depends a lot on the pose, portraits do not.They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, which means the focus should be on them. If your subject is using their eyes to keep their balance or to make sure that they are leaning their head six inches to the left like you asked them to, then they aren't using them to look into the camera.

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Videos are the best learning medium: The proof of this lies in the fact that Lauren's videos have over 50 million views. In fact, her phenomenal success could be a big cue for business men and corporate bigwigs who can use this strategy for their own products. Nowadays, the power of videos is so heady that it has overtaken blogs and everything else before it..

They have a little less control after the production process once the film is ready for marketing and distribution. Though they have some say, this begins to go up to the producers and executives that have a financial stake in the project. Though they are in charge of the creative aspects of the production, they may not be in a position to coordinate shooting schedules and contacting all the necessary people and locations.

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