As Hashmukh Kerai, a British Hindu says: 'Dealing with mental

2014-04-08 06:27:24

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canada goose uk shop It was seen as a weakness of one's belief in God. 'Youth pastor Samuel Alebioshu adds: 'In having responsibility as a leader, we often fear how the Church community will perceive us if we open up about our struggles and, therefore, we hide behind the mask that everything is OK.'We need to do more to start conversations about faith and mental health.'Rach Pardner says of the positive aspects in her Church: 'For me, my faith is the only thing that keeps me going at times.'My faith is the community that I never used to have, the family there, support that's difficult to obtain elsewhere. We have a pastoral team'The communal aspect of faith is important in protecting against stigma but it can also cause it.In the Muslim, Sikh and Hindu communities though, people are beginning to talk.As Hashmukh Kerai, a British Hindu says: 'Dealing with mental health in the Hindu/Indian community has been hard.'The stigma meant I couldn't speak out because there is a culture of being tough and very resilient.'Thankfully, I have met inspiring people from my background who have shared their personal stories of mental health.'Shuranjeet Singh Takhar, a British Sikh and founder of theTaraki campaign,which aims to make it easier for Punjabi men to speak comfortably about mental health, concurs.. canada goose uk shop

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