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Regarding forest and trees, honestly you have no idea how complicated database and systems we have. Every piece of paper or wood used, we know where is is coming from. I mean not only raw material, but the trees themself. Though this seems obvious, many small business owners forget that simply knowing your customer's name and a bit about their lives makes a huge difference to that customer, and in return, that knowledge makes a huge difference on the business. If you know your customer's name, face, likes and dislikes, you will make your business personal to them. They will remember a person when they think of your business, and that makes it much less likely that they will think of you as a large corporation that can afford a lot of losses..

People arrive in groups to river banks and other natural freshwater resources to enjoy water activities. However, they leave behind a mess by strewing their garbage around. Materials such as plastic and rubber, which forms the main part of this garbage, take several years to decompose and thus pollute the closest water resource.

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It seems that the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth's air is starting to have major effects on the ocean life throughout all of the earth's seas. When there is carbon dioxide entering into the atmosphere the ocean absorbs it causing the water to become like an acid within the ocean which seems to be doing much harm on the ocean wildlife. Not many people are aware of this effect and don't seem to know how much the pollution in our air is doing much more damage then we'd first thought..

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