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No body in the West is concerned with Salmen Al Oudah, for example. Almost nobody is concerned about the people who were tortured in Irak or in Guantanamo Bay, these are some brown skinned anonymous people who didn speak English and lived in the wrong countries in the wrong time. How can the average white journalist (never mind the average white spectator) identify?.

Six bumpers were launched from White Sands. Bumper 5 attained an altitude of 248 miles, a record for the time. It had left the atmosphere and gone into space.Building a Better Upper Atmosphere Mouse TrapWAC Corporal gave JPL scientists the confidence they could design and build an even better sounding rocket.

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Finally, the Make it Right Foundation is rebuilding New Orleans with eco conscious homes in the Lower Ninth Ward, one of the poorest and hardest hit areas of the city. The Lower Ninth Ward today largely looks like a big dirty park full of concrete slabs. Each concrete slab was once a home that was washed away when levees broke..

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What Gunn did in this movie was amazing, because he finally showed life as it is. Messy, ridden with mistakes, and nothing like it's normally portrayed in movies. He made Yondu a real person, with a broken past, and that his past was what made him truly relatable, and more importantly, it was his past that made his sacrifice meaningful.

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