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Blowing up women and children is as low as it gets.Did you just characterize a whole demographic of people as terrorists because a radicalized terrorist from that demographic committed a horrible terrorist attack? You literally just characterized all Palestinians as terrorists or terrorists in the making. Holy fucking shit. Bro.

Just because a state does not charge much for tuition doesn mean its colleges are sub standard. Many top public schools are quite affordable. This is because public schools are funded by the state in addition to the students. Even if you don currently possess the qualifications, knowing what the fastest growing jobs in America are and what you will need in order to perform those jobs can give you the edge over others. Here is a list of the top twelve fastest growing jobs in America, along with the qualifications you will need in order to perform each job. Biochemistry and biophysics are also on the list, with an estimated growth of 37.4% between now and 2018.

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