But while the former Everton star left separately

2014-09-12 09:00:09

replica handbags china Coleen Rooney's pals blast 'useless' Wayne for treating her 'like glorified nanny'Wayne Rooney has found himself in hot water once again after he was spotted on a boozy bar crawl with a pretty blonde barmaidHis wife and children were at home 900 miles away as Wayne was seen drinking at 4.20pm and partying on until the early hours.At one point the dad of four hopped into Vicki's car with her to another bar, then spent the next couple of hours knocking back shots with her.But while the former Everton star left separately, Coleen's friends are furious with him for once again dragging their marriage into the spotlight."Wayne is selfish and has absolutely no consideration for her feelings," one told the Sun.Coleen Rooney 'heading off on Valentine's Day holiday WITHOUT Wayne to teach him a lesson'"Everyone feels so sorry for poor Coleen. He treats her like a glorified nanny and housekeeper. It sounds cruel to say but it's the truth."Wayne is useless. replica handbags china

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