By next year it's likely that folding phones could be a stable

2014-06-06 00:31:04

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Canada Goose Parka The ability to use a large screen but which is small enough to fit in a pocket is appealing.Foldable devices will be a big thing in 2019. Will you buy one? Almost certainly not, the first phones and tablets will probably very expensive.However these devices will soon start to improve as companies learn more about manufacturing them. By next year it's likely that folding phones could be a stable of the industry with perhaps even Apple joining in.Read MoreLatest tech newsallMost ReadMost RecentHealthPeople are drinking their own URINE in stupid Facebook health crazeFor many thousands of years people have been drinking their own wee, even though science says it's a terrible ideaMicrosoftMicrosoft deadline looms for Windows users and millions are affectedMicrosoft is ending support for Windows 7 in exactly one year, and that's potentially bad news for usersContraceptionContraceptive patch releases tiny NEEDLES into skin that protect women for 6 monthsWhen the patch is applied, microscopic needles break off and remain under the surface of the skinUberUber will start charging London customers an extra 15p/mile this WEEK here's whyThis new fee is part of the Mayor's Clean Air Plan, and will be added from Wednesday 16 JanuaryShopping adviceBest soundbars 2019 for any budget to boost your TV, music and moviesThere are so many soundbars around that it can be hard to pick the right one for your set up and at the best price. Canada Goose Parka

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