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Annual Filers (Household Employers). An employer whose only employees are household workers may report and remit gross income tax withholding and other payments (contributions for unemployment insurance, healthcare subsidy, workforce development, disability insurance, and family leave insurance) on an annual basis. Form NJ 927 H, the Employer Annual Report, and Form WR 30, Employer Report of Wages Paid, must be filed electronically on or before the January 30 next following the close of the calendar year.

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Jeez. Obviously Mehdi respects the guy for all the work he has done, but to me (a dumb guy who struggles to follow the actual principle in contention), Lewin comes off as sort of an insecure asshole. In the first video Mehdi took great care to make his criticism narrow so as not to question Lewin character or body of work, yet Lewin appears to still have taken it as a character attack and responded like a pissed off child..

Yet, we continue to squabble over an imaginary line, over different ways of thinking, over resources we could easily share, vs horde? This is just pathetic.a species that generally wants the same things (for our kids sake); we are sure damn set on a path to kill anyone and everyone who doesn share our ideals. That means, eventually, killing our kids too. :/worse, is we all tend to know this to one degree or another.

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Visiting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, at The Dangler Funeral Home of West Orange, 340 Main St. A funeral service will be offered on Friday, Dec. The white man has awoken and is tired of this multiculturalism pc bullshit shoved down their throats for the last 20 years. This is only the being. It will spread thro Europe.

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