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I grab what I can and hop into my speeder and get out of night city and out into the badlands into an evac shack I created just in case this happens that is totally off the grid. I hook up to the net and get into the corps that is hunting me database and take control of their robotic body guards that replaced their human guards a few decades ago. I would use them for my bidding, shooting down any suits they see, sending a message not to fuck with me.

Infielder Angel Sanchez (back) won't make Saturday's trip to Dunedin to play the Blue Jays but likely will be in the lineup Sunday in Kissimmee against the Tigers. "The doctors and trainers felt it would be the best, because of a back injury, not to ride the bus (Saturday)," Mills said. We want to give him an opportunity to get some at bats, do what he's capable of doing." Catcher Humberto Quintero said he's feeling much better after an injection to treat a bulging disk.

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