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So I stood up. I been shocked at how many people have stood up alongside me. With each person who RSVPs to this event, my heart swells. I tried to act appreciative, but I was really uncomfortable. And she sensed it. I think she took it as rejection and sort of stormed out.

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As soon as time allows after class, review your notes and add anything you may have missed. Get together regularly with a classmate or a group of classmates to compare notes. You may even want to copy your entire set of notes again on your own, adding information you received from your classmates and your textbook..

"Vicious" was the hot slang term at the time. It meant "cool". Fun fact.. The outer electrons of metal are not bound closely. When 2 metal atoms come together the electrons can move freely amongst the nuclei within the crystal. They slip over each other, but stay bonded to each other by the attractive forces that exist.

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KvD lives in a city of privilege and if she disliked Jewish people she would just find another midwife as I sure there is a dime a dozen in LA. A bigot would not make the time to work with someone they bigoted towards if they had other choices. The only time racist and bigoted people will work with people they dislike is if they forced to..

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