February 2016, Fund Selector Asia (Web): “A strong bet on Vietnam’s quiet progress”

2016-06-29 18:24:40

The article profiles the logic behind Asean Investment Management’s “deep value” investment strategy in Vietnam. David Roes, co-founder of the boutique firm, explains why Vietnam presents an excellent investment opportunity, citing the good performance of the country over the past four years as evidence of its potential. Roes praises the stable growth of the Vietnamese economy, expressing his belief that Vietnam’s lack of direct correlation with global markets has facilitated this economic steadiness. Since the market was at the bottom of a five-year bear market in 2011-2012, Asean has shifted 90% of its allocation to Vietnam, with 65% invested in real estate and durable goods sectors.   You can read the article online here, or view a screenshot by opening the attached PDF.