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2014-09-16 10:33:05

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aaa replica designer handbags That appears to be a very reasonable proposition and to me that sounds a lot better than watering things down from 20 to 100 billion as will happen with Ripple and Stellar over time. I understand that Stellar was born from earlier stages of replica bags near me crypto development, but presently the prospect of XLM being watered down that way does not do it any good and also delays the possibility of it gaining some beneficial extra weight as a store of value in the medium term. Change the plan? 4 points submitted 18 hours agoI definitely agree with escrowing XLM, like Ripple has done with its XRP it would make the circulating supply more predictable, and so overall confidence is greater (not just for those who hold XLM or in it, but for anyone that builds on the network.) Price would probably increase.But aren the lack of liquidity and manipulation greater sources of volatility? Trying to sell $100k XLM is far more devastating than trying to sell $100k XRP (listed on more exchanges, with more volume and more currency pairs.)doomslice 20 points submitted 4 days agoLaying out a high level StellarGuard roadmap (not going to pin down dates right now) in order that I think I work on it:Rate limiting (currently working on this):Basic rules engine to let the user decide how much XLM replica bags by joy they replica bags qatar can send per replica bags buy online time period (working on this now)Enable a mode for "automatic" co signing for transactions that pass these rules. aaa replica designer handbags

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