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Well I pretty sure you just blatantly ignoring everything wrong in the world, and don want to face the reality that we are living through the most climactic point in the entirety human evolution. We are fighting our own extinction, due to our own negligence, and dictators control most of the largest countries. The Amazon is being desecrated by Bolsonaro, Great Barrier Reef is not recovering due to LNP/ALP scandals, oceans packed with plastic has killed a good chunk of ocean life, Asia Africa still have immense poacher issues..

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No roundup on handheld GPS reviews would be complete without mentioning personal locator beacons (PLBs). For the brave souls that venture far into the wilderness, out into the sea or out into some of those vast Great Lakes where the shores can be just as distant, you might want to think about having more than just a handheld GPS. A PLB could mean the difference between life and death if you're in a remote area and some accident or injury prohibits you from self rescue.

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