He kept the materials, including some in digital form, at his

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canada goose uk black friday The canada goose outlet near me exact date that Pho was charged in this case canada goose outlet uk sale has not been confirmed, however, leading up to when his charges were unsealed.Although prosecutors working on Pho case previously withheld many details related to his government work, in Friday DOJ statement, prosecutors disclosed that he had worked for the NSA's Access Operations (TAO) unit, which focuses on infiltrating foreign computer networks, from 2006 to 2016.Further, prosecutors stated that from 2010 until March 2015, Pho started removing classified writing and documents from his work computer. He kept the materials, including some in digital form, at his Maryland home, according to the DOJ statement.Unidentified officials from the US government, who could only speak about the classified details on canada goose outlet canada the condition they remain anonymous, said that Pho took the classified documents home with him to help him rewrite his resume, the Times reported.However, the charges against Pho state that he had installed anti canada goose clearance sale virus software on his computer made by Russian tech firm Kaspersky Lab. One of the unnamed official says the DOJ believes Russian hackers exploited the software to allegedly steal the documents in question, according to the Times.Kaspersky Lab has in the past acknowledged they found NSA hacking software on a customer's computer and removed it, but said the software was subsequently destroyed. canada goose uk black friday

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