If we help them understand how something tastes in an honest

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uk canada goose Jewly Hight: Do people respond to you highlighting the familial ties in the band differently in the country world than they did in the alt rock scene?Brittany Hlljes: When we'd mention that we were in a family band and we were best friends, we would be making canada goose outlet toronto factory this really honest, heartfelt music, it made us kind of feel squeaky clean in the rock space. Nobody's shaving their head or dying their hair or has crazy piercings or is doing anything terribly scandalous.[She smiles in acknowledgement as Grant Emerson gestures to his gauged ears and Mike McKee to his shaved head.] BH: But in the country world, I do think that we are on the more edgy side by comparison. I uk canada goose think that saying that might ground us a little bit instead of people being like, "Who is this band?" Once you ground it in siblings, they're like, "OK uk canada goose.