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Scissors5. Hammer and Chisel6. Machete/ Knife7. One con is that BOClean under a limited user may not update properly because of restricted write permissions. Although the instructions on the website are clear http://www.okcheapjerseys.com, some novice users may have a difficult time adjusting these permissions. Another problem I had was with an anti virus software I was using, BOClean would hold the CPU at 100%.

I been playing FIFA for about 16 years so my ability to analyze the game and see what plays work or don work is pretty good. I didn play FIFA for over 6 months (never played 18) so when I came to 19 I was a bit out of practice and I boubced around div 5 and even 6 for a while. In div 3 now and can probably get to div 2 relatively soon but not sure if I even want to lol.

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