It is really terrible when you feel you are being punished for

2015-01-17 06:17:04

The SEC's complaint, filed in federal district court in Los Angeles, CA, charges IRH and the Medranos with raising at least $485,000 and likely more than $700,000 in selling preferred stock in IRH. The rate at which the defendants have raised funds has increased substantially over the last two months, averaging about $250,000 per month. According to IRH's offering materials, defendants intended to raise up to $6 billion in the offering..

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wholesale jerseys from china In settling the SEC's charges without admitting or denying the allegations, BroCo agreed to pay $627,633 in disgorgement plus prejudgment interest and a $627,633 penalty. BroCo also consented to the entry of a judgment that permanently enjoins the company from violating Section 17(a) of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Rule 10b 5 thereunder. In settling the SEC's charges without admitting or denying the allegations, Maltsev agreed to pay a $50,000 penalty and consented to the entry of a judgment that permanently enjoins him from violating Sections 17(a)(2) and (3) of the Securities Act of 1933 wholesale jerseys from china.