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Yay PDX!Sizing and bike fit is probably the first thing that bike is probably going to be ideal for someone over 5ft 10in. You want to be able to put the saddle at about your hip height and have your leg at about 6pm on the pedal stroke with a slight bent.Looks like a good all round commuter to me but a lot comes down to your budget and wants. Rack mounts are great for hauling a pannier with clothes/lunch, fenders are a must in winter.

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The anatomic 3D design is combined with the materials technologies that allow you to maintain the body temperature at 37 to create the exclusive salopette for training at low temperatures. The exclusive exterior surface in water repellent and windproof neoprene strategically positioned, the thermal insulation and the fleece inner surface provide a garment with three barriers in one to protect the cyclist in the changing weather conditions that characterize the workouts in all seasons. The solution designed as a single integrated system for training, entertainment or competitions in cold conditions..

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