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Admission wristbands are included with registration. Prizes are awarded for first place overall male and female, and top walker. Medals are awarded for first, second, and third place in all age categories. "But then again, he given the police a lot. They asked for a few hundred more police, he gave them a thousand. They supposed to do this (implicit bias) training, it hasn begun yet. BALLOT BOXERS: Let me mention a few quasi oddities that transpired last week after only 43 percent of your fellow Santa Barbara County voters trudged to a polling place. And about 15 percent mailed in their ballots to save the absolute bother of actually going in person. Hey, we're all busy people, right?. His blood turned to ice. It was dark outdoors and Joe Duncan could be hiding anywhere! In a burst of speed, he ran out of the house past the grain bins, slammed the door shut on the chicken house, and raced back to the house all without missing any of the TV show. To this day, Mike credits the specter of Joe Duncan with his ability to run the 100 meter dash.Norma Lingo recalled seeing Joe's signature shoe prints in their yard after a rain. In this photo taken Monday, Aug. And other evacuated residents, after an explosive device was discovered at the Red Roof Inn on Texas Avenue in Columbia, Mo. Police are trying to determine who left an explosive device in a vacant parking lot that led to the evacuation of guests from the nearby motel. Such opportunities go over big with students, who relish learning huge amount of practical skills in a unique and exciting manner, says recent law graduate and former competitive gymnast Shelby Miner, who leaped at the chance to represent her favorite team, the Warriors. Miner is entering the Army JAG Corps, where her daily work will not involve athletics, but she expects the skills she learned in the course to be key. 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