Mais, et l c'est mon pessimisme qui parle, Isral est un pays

2014-03-16 05:59:38

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Notice the following information: Smoking is costly, notonly to smokers but also to their employers and to nonsmokers,according to Professor Kari Reijula of the Finnish Institute ofOccupational Health. Work time lost to smoking breaks alone "coststhe national economy nearly 16.6 million euros [$21 million] ayear," reports the Finnish Broadcasting Company Web site. It isestimated that "workers who smoke one pack of cigarettes a day missthe equivalent of 17 working days annually." Sick leave adds to thebill.

Celui ci lui rpond: "moi, je n'ai pas d'Isral". Mais, et l c'est mon pessimisme qui parle, Isral est un pays qui est en train de changer. Si les Israliens et les Palestiniens n'arrivent pas d'une manire ou d'une autre mettre en oeuvre la solution deux tats, Isral deviendra un tat binational o les Juifs seront une minorit long terme.

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