Maybe you like ok buddy retard not becoming like r/dankmemes

2013-11-06 03:54:20

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canada goose store 'He then asked if I wanted any change in the chief minister's chamber or anything to be installed. I told him: "Look, I be frank with you. I have never been to the chief minister's chamber. I think r/DeepFriedMemes followed by r/okbuddyretard best represents the natural progression of memes into surrealism, unlike canada goose outlet in chicago r/surrealmemes which is just forced.Unless you were here half a year ago and left when the whole top text bottom text +despacito got bigger, you are not an epic memer. You're a normie.You saying epic still you're a normie.You even saying get these normies out normie.Maybe you like ok buddy retard not becoming like r/dankmemes, but you're not in here as part of an exclusive group of epic memers. Everyone here is a normie.There are three groups of memers right now, you're in 2. canada goose store

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