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Creating the space for a patient to go deep into a state of healing during an acupuncture session is extremely important. This enhances the opportunity for the patient to make the necessary energetic/physical shifts to move toward a more perfect state of health. Because a healing environment sets the stage for a successful acupuncture treatment, it is essential that it provide amenities to ensure the feeling of safety, peace, and comfort.

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Like I said in the Canucks sub, the reason he behind Brown is because Babcock overrates marginal role players who kills penalties. Leivo can be a role player who can contribute on the powerplay. He was also the primary line driver on the 4th line this year that to me is much more useful than what Brown does but Babcock doesn agree so whatever..

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Your blogging style will be personal to you, some people will like it and others won't. Just concentrate on those who do like it and give them information that they will love and keep coming back for. You'll get some great comments from some people, some will just read and move on, whilst others will leave a ranting comment (there are plenty of small minded people out there who love to troll blogs), but the main thing is you're getting your advice and information out there..

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