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Normally this ended up with us being able to leave around 15 mins early or on a really good day where the stars aligned (re:everybody showed up), we could leave as early as 7:30 or 8. However. Leaving that early only happened once or twice a year at most..

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wholesale jerseys NA has A LOT of potential but it only be matched if people support their local clubs.Some people get into the mentality of "MLS is the only league that has success in NA so I only watch that." I support an MLS side but I personally hate the league and how it structured. Mindset should always be Club>League (assuming you have a club to support)Hope this helps a bit even though I started going off topic a bit lolEdit: I should mention that I in a supporter group so some of those ideas stem from that mentalityYeah it a bit intimidating at first for sure because teams play in multiple tournaments/leagues at once.The best way in my opinion is to latch onto a team and follow them. As you become interested and more invested in how they do, you naturally pick up rules, tactics, trends, etc.I recommend picking a team from a league for which its relatively easy to find live/streamed matches wholesale jerseys.