Officers said they seized 95 illegal firearms; various illegal

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cheap Canada Goose The reality is that they're supporting [street] terrorism."Leaders of the canada goose manchester uk Vagos have long denied canada goose sale uk ladies having any ties to criminal activity. The Vagos website states that the group was formed as a "tight brotherhood to survive the wars between the rival clubs and the constant harassment of the police."The message goes on to say that "Vagos comes from the Spanish language meaning 'traveling gypsy' or 'a streetwise person that's always up to something.' " The club has about 300 members in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and Mexico. Those arrested include seven chapter presidents, one vice president, one secretary, one treasurer and seven sergeants at arms.Officers said they seized 95 illegal firearms; various illegal drugs, including methamphetamine; $6,000 in cash; and two stolen motorcycles.The crimes may later be incorporated into a federal racketeering case, officials said.The law enforcement operation was dubbed "22 Green" because Vagos gang members wear the number 22 on their vests, representing V, the 22nd letter of the alphabet, and green is the gang's color.The Hells Angels wear red.The Hells Angels and Vagos motorcycle gangs have been feuding for years. uk canada goose store reviews cheap Canada Goose

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