Phone displays keep getting better and better

2015-03-24 11:29:27

They see the effect. Those that get grants they don't have the right return on investments actually save lives, but they just don't get [grants] next year. So it's kind of a squeaky clean system you can watch. Phone displays keep getting better and better. Not only are they brighter and crisper than ever before, but they can also display a wider range of colors. With wide color gamut (WCG) support, apps will be able to display more colors for more expressive designs.

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The Bush administration and then the Obama administration conducted multiple reviews of strategy in Afghanistan but discovered few palatable options. If NATO launched an all out war against the Taliban's sanctuaries in Pakistan, it would further destabilize a country containing dozens of nuclear weapons and at least that many terrorist groups. Instead, George Bush and then Barack Obama were sold on a counterinsurgency war against the Taliban inside Afghanistan, supplemented by a CIA run drone war against Taliban encampments in Pakistan's western tribal areas.