Relation 3: As adoption of Li batteries proceeds

2015-02-14 08:36:47

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iphone x cases In what follows an effort is made to show some examples of how adoption itself influences its very determinants and how they in turn interact among themselves to form a sort of cumulative causation model.Relation 1: As adoption of Li batteries proceeds, the demand for oil could tend to diminish, eventually leading to a price decrease which discourages adoption of Li batteries. This could be ameliorated by a pro change government that places a tax on gasoline, while providing more funding for technological development, for example.Relation 2: As adoption of Li batteries proceeds, acceptance of change will increase (and resistance to change will decrease), further encouraging adoption as well as financial support for technological development and government policies aimed at energy independence.Relation 3: As adoption of Li batteries proceeds, technological development will be encouraged, further promoting adoption, while tending to diminish the demand for oil french bulldog iphone 6 case, and eventually leading to a price decrease which discourages adoption of Li batteries. As in Relation 1, this could be controlled by a pro change government with some specific policy directed to limit the supply of oil, for example.To enrich the analysis, in Figure 4, the notion of Lithium Supply Chain is introduced iphone x cases.