Sharks can pick up on pressure changes in the water column

2015-02-10 10:27:48

The effect of debris landing in the sea is the same as dropping a large brick into the bathtub when it's full of water. There are big ripples and everywhere gets soaked. This also happens in the sea. (Coldwell Banker) (Coldwell Banker )Designed by architect Ellis David Gelman, this four bedroom, four bathroom contemporary takes advantage of a two acre lot that looks out toward the Pacific Ocean. The 3,699 square foot house's angular design creates a dramatic interior with views through a number of floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass doors and several circular and triangular shaped windows.[Inside two of Aretha Franklin's Detroit area mansions]The four bedroom, four bathroom house has terraced landscaping at the front. The private deck on the second floor is visible in this photo.

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