She wanted a place in Tulsa with high end designer and vintage

2014-10-10 04:38:14

But she had a cool concept in mind. She wanted a place in Tulsa with high end designer and vintage clothing but with the ease and welcoming experience of a local thrift store silver earrings, she said. And a place that could also take that concept and translate it into a successful online business for a mass audience..

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wholesale jewelry The store buys, sells and trades clothing, offering 35 percent in cash to potential sellers and 65 percent in trades. New visitors to this Valencia Street business stud drop earrings, between 24th and 25th Streets, will instantly notice its brightly colored banner gracing the storefront.Located about a minute's walk from Held Over in the busy Haight Ashbury District, Relic Vintage is among the top rated retro clothing stores in the city despite being in business less than 18 months. With a visually impressive storefront and elegantly styled red awning, first time visitors walking into the store will be welcomed by a multitude of colorful earrings for girls, high quality vintage clothing, shoes and accessories from the 1920s to the 1980s, carefully arranged on racks, shelves and on the walls. wholesale jewelry

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