Solve the self defence issue and the gun issue pretty much

2014-07-23 11:27:51

30, 1960 Tropical Storm Brenda moved across the state, dropping 5.40 (137 of rainfall in Jersey City. 12, 1960 Hurricane Donna moved up the East Coast of the United States and passed offshore New Jersey, causing heavy damage along the coast, but less than other states struck directly by Donna. The hurricane produced 105 (169 wind gusts and a storm surge of 6 (2 near Atlantic City, and 8.99 (228 of rainfall near Hammonton,.

(And at this point is reaches beyond just guns and into defending yourself in general. The right to bear arms is kinda stupid IMHO because it should really about the right to self defense, not to right to have guns. Solve the self defence issue and the gun issue pretty much solves itself).

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