Something like this happened in my class in first year

2014-02-23 11:19:11

You have to cut the connector off the mobo fan and strip the 2 wire ends. You then use a small flathead screw drivers to unscrew the screws in the green terminal that is holding down the wires for the hot end cooling fan. In the diagram the terminal is labeled to the left of Bed Then you stick the bare wires from the mobo fan under those terminals, being mindful of correctly connecting the + and terminals respectively.

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I have adopted a daughter. I have had a marriage fail. I have touched lives in ways only I could. One possible fault on them is the gearbox though, I read one review from a guy who said his had missed gears a few times switching down into first. I had the same thing happen on mine a couple of times at junctions, the bike sticks into neutral. Might be a coincidence or might be a general fault with them..

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