The hypocrisy is nauseating he's worth about Some guests

2014-07-24 05:10:51

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buy canada goose jacket Air Marshal Robert MacLean tipped the media canada goose garson vest uk off to a cutback in schedulesHe was fired after the TSA found out he was the one who leaked the informationThe merit board says the leak "could have created a significant security risk"MacLean says he will appeal the decisionWashington (CNN) A canada goose black friday sale uk federal air marshal fired after revealing the government was cutting back air marshal coverage at a time of heightened hijacking concern has lost a major battle in his fight to reclaim his job.A federal panel, upholding canada goose outlet a decision by an administrative judge, said this week it has ruled the Transportation Security Administration's decision to fire Robert MacLean was legal and "did canada goose shop prague not exceed the bounds of reasonableness."The Merit System Protection Board said it accepted MacLean's statements he was motivated by a desire to protect the flying public, but said his leak "could have created a significant security risk." Further, it said, MacLean cannot claim whistle cheap canada goose gilet blower protections because his disclosure "was specifically prohibited by law."MacLean said he will appeal the decision. Airliners.The agency planned canada goose fleece uk the cutback because it was running out of money at the end of the fiscal year.The news caused an immediate uproar on Capitol Hill and the TSA retreated, withdrawing the scheduling cuts before they went into effect.A year later, MacLean appeared on "NBC Nightly News" in disguise and identified only as "Air Marshal 'Mike'" to criticize the agency's dress policy, which, he said, made it easier for official canada goose outlet terrorists to identify the undercover air marshals.MacLean's case has become celebrated by whistle blower advocates and government watchdog groups. Rep buy canada goose jacket.