The smell of cigarettes, being in the home town that I hated,

2014-07-15 08:01:22

PEOPLE ARE JUST SAYING IT JUST FOR THE SAKE OF SAYING IT. PEOPLE JUST ZOOM IN ON ONE FUCKING TRAIT BC "LOLOL MEME". WAKE UP EARLY, COME BACK LATE, TOO EXHAUSTED TO DO ANYTHING. It made me anxious and I was over 1000 miles from home so I was like, "The only way I going to deal with this is to start drinking." I would wake up constantly through the night panicking. The smell of cigarettes, being in the home town that I hated, hearing them yell at each other, hearing my mom crying, seeing her flirt with the next door neighbor. When I was finally leaving and she saw me go to the airport, she started crying and I could not feel a damn thing.

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