They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge

2014-06-14 04:57:42

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Canada Goose Parka Immigration Dept suspected Rau was Australian resident: memoTONY EASTLEY: An internal Department of Immigration memo, obtained by the ABC's Four Corners program, warns the department, more than two months before canada goose outlet in vancouver Cornelia Rau was released from detention, that she may be an Australian.Cornelia Rau's family and legal team have described the memo as a smoking gun, and they say a judicial inquiry is now needed to investigate her case and others.The Opposition says the memo should be the final nail in the coffin for the Department's chief as well as his Minister.Tanya Nolan reports.TANYA NOLAN: The memo, written by an Immigration officer at the Baxter Detention Centre, states that GSL Case Management, the private company which runs the centre, believes Anna Brotmeyer, as Cornelia Rau was known in detention, is an Australian canada goose shop uk review citizen.The memo goes on to say that GSL has advised the Department of Immigration, or DIMIA, to investigate this matter with the Australian Federal Police through checking missing persons etc.The memo is dated the 24th of November 2004. That's more than two months before Ms Rau was released after spending 10 months in immigration detention.Cornelia Rau's sister Chris says the delay is unacceptable.CHRIS RAU: If there was a suspicion she was an Australian citizen, shouldn't that alone have caused them to release her from detention and at least hospitalise her?TANYA NOLAN: Associate Professor of Law at the University of Newcastle, Ray Watterson, who's been helping the Rau family prepare its submission to the Government's Palmer Inquiry into Ms Rau's detention, says the memo is a bombshell.RAY WATTERSON: The sort of message we've been getting so far from Minister Vanstone and others is that despite her mental illness, she was devious and misleading the Government and DIMIA officials about her identity canada goose outlet reviews and because of that they were unable to get to the bottom of things.I'm afraid this gives the lie to that proposition that's been put about.TANYA NOLAN: Professor Watterson is confident the memo would strengthen any future case the Rau family may pursue for compensation over Cornelia Rau's wrongful detention.For now though, he wants the Palmer Inquiry, or more preferably a judicial inquiry, to get to the bottom of what else DIMIA might have known about Ms Rau's status.RAY WATTERSON: It fits into a whole pattern of earlier inquiry or lack of inquiry. I mean, then the question's got to be raised: if the case manager is raising this at this stage, what's she basing this on? This might, I mean, there were people raising this question at a much earlier canada goose gilet mens uk stage.TANYA NOLAN: Despite the apologies and pledges to overhaul the system, Opposition Immigration Spokesman Laurie Ferguson canada goose discount uk says the rot in the Immigration Department goes too deep, and this memo should force the Minister, Amanda Vanstone, to stand aside, and DIMIA Secretary Bill Farmer to resign.LAURIE FERGUSON: The Prime Minister has to seriously consider the situation of the Minister now, whether she should be actually demoted, kicked out, because I have a degree of reluctance to push in regards to Amanda originally, because as most of the events of the Department have been covered over the period of being that there was another minister and I thought there was a great degree of responsibility there, but after this revelation I have to say there's a fundamental problem at the top.One would have to suspect that the problem's become fairly endemic Canada Goose Parka.