Thoughts: I'm grouping these two together because it's hard to

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replica celine bags His power was prodigious (612 homers, which is eighth all time) and he found a way to get on base even when he wasn't smacking the ball over the fence and jogging around the infield; his on base percentage of.402 is 51st alltime. Sixteen seasons with at least 20 homers, 12 with at least 30 and six with at least 40; Thome was one of baseball's best sluggers for a really, really long time. The lack of any steroid accusations or even hints is why he'll finish with north of 90 percent of the vote.Thoughts: I'm grouping these two together because it's hard to add anything to the Bonds/Clemens conversation at this point, and it's honestly hard to separate them. replica celine bags

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