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I would learn Facebook and Instagram ads and drive your leads to a sales funnel. One of the easiest sales funnels to build is by Clickfunnels. I have an affiliate link that give you a 14 day trial, but if you going to sale products online then I would definitely go to the Facebook Blueprint training (free from Facebook) and they will train you with e courses regarding all Facebook products.

Good idea, start building it and show us a proof of concept. To get you started here a tool that basically exactly what you want, called labelmefacade:result Labels directory are the same images overlaid with a constant color that the machine learning algorithm can use to train itself on which parts of the image is road, sidewalk, tree, sky, etc.This tool presents the user a GUI that optimizes the presentation of an image and allows you to paint over the image using your brain to label then hit next.Data entry and human labeling isn the bottleneck for self driving. A terabyte of such images would be useful as a dataset, but only for academic research purposes.

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