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An Extra Life goal, you know, we debut it at our big fancy convention we do, oh no, we stick it in the middle of a random PAX panel. And some how you can understand my first comment? You a contrarian just for the sake of it if you can understand my first comment. Unfortunately, there a lot of people in this sub just like you, make any and every excuse for RT that you can.

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In the days and weeks to follow, investigators determined that the hydrogen ignited, causing the disaster. However, speculation grew about the exact means by which this happened and the reason for the quick crash. Over the years, each of the Hindenburg disaster myths have been debunked through investigation and research.

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The bank had a capital of 10 million, with the federal government owning 20%. The First Bank invested in government bonds, was the government's fiscal agent, and dealt in gold bullion and foreign exchange. The First Bank was also competing with private state banks, making them resent the competition.

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I know I should just ignore that, do my thing, and replay it later if needed, but I just feel bad about it and end up spending way more time hunting upgrades than actually being the efficient assassin I supposed to play. Probably only played three or four games from 2007 to 2016. When I bought my Xbox I picked up Bioshock.

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