Why Deep Value Investing?

SE Asia is an opaque, under-researched investment space. Aseanadvisors exploits our opportunities by virtue of an unparalleled first-hand knowledge of the investment universe: there is no substitute for on-site visits of potential investee companies, even the ones that are far away from major cities.

Traditional market theory is based primarily on the analysis of Developed Markets, yet Emerging Markets require a modified skill set, which essentially is:
• The ability to thematically exploit economic cycles – as opposed to a “buy and hold” approach
• Requirement to truly “engage with the investment” – i.e. monitoring, protecting and even “nurturing” the investment

ASEAN markets are particularly fertile ground for Deep Value investing, given the powerful combination of:
• High growth environment, which supports investment realization
• Inefficient markets, which create large asymmetric risk/return profiles

Currently, the Vietnam “theme” is the most interesting Deep Value ASEAN story, given the high-growth opportunity bolstered by bottom of cycle recovery, supportive macro-economic data and improving policy conditions.

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