About Us

Asean Investment Advisors Limited is a boutique investment management group, managing assets for institutional, high net worth and sophisticated investors around the world.

Founded in 2005 by Mr David P O’Neil and Mr David E Roes, with more than 30 years of combined Asian experience.
As investors, they consistently observed remarkable inefficiencies across ASEAN equity markets. Aseanadvisors’ mission is to deliver consistently exceptional returns by continuously seeking out deep value entry points in the Asian region using a disciplined and repeatable investment process in our areas of specialist expertise.

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Why Deep Value Investing?


Most investors are well schooled in the differences between growth vs. value investment philosophies. Deep value investing holds some surprising differences to traditional value investing:

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  • This is reason number one

    Deep Value is often thematic – it is often concentrated in a particular market segment or geography that is currently out of favor.

  • This is reason number two

    Deep Value takes advantage of market inefficiencies –common contributors to this imbalance come from information flow or market biases focused on liquidity and size parameters.

  • This is reason number three

    Deep Value investments tend to focus on distressed pricing and can be the equivalent of investing at less than 20 cents on the dollar – our favorite examples include undervalued markets combined with over-depreciated currencies.



The strength of our business lies in the expertise of our people. Our Management Team comprises not just experience, but seasons entrepreneurs in their own right.

Meet the Team

David E. Roes

Founder; Director & Chief Executive Officer

David P. O’Neil

Founder; Director & Chief Investment Officer